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The core compet­ency of the AI Institute

The AI-ILV GmbH is a provider of compre­hensive services around procure­ment proced­ures. Our service port­folio includes consulting, analysis and inform­a­tion services of e.g. Procurement manage­ment, purchasing process consulting, tender advice to the prepar­a­tion of bills of quant­ities. In addi­tion, we also handle indi­vidual complete procure­ment projects on behalf of customers or support customers with supplier onboarding.

Tender service

The AI ​​Institute enables the elec­tronic hand­ling of customer-specific procure­ment proced­ures, without the customer having to commit to a soft­ware provider or to commit himself to a system for several years.

Specification sheets

With its experts, the AI ​​Institute prepares custom­ized specific­a­tion sheets for supplies and services of all kinds. This way, the customer is provided with the effort-intensive training in product-specific features of a tender.


The AI ​​Institute pursues a stra­tegic advisory approach that takes into account all stages of a call for tenders. We provide support for procurers and companies alike and also provide help with complex tasks.


The AI ​​Institute offers its clients training in procure­ment manage­ment based on the current legis­la­tion in procure­ment law. This changes frequently and quickly.

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