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The core competency of the AI Institute

The AI-ILV GmbH is a pro­vider of com­pre­hens­ive ser­vices around pro­cure­ment pro­ced­ures. Our ser­vice port­fo­lio in­cludes con­sult­ing, ana­lys­is and in­form­a­tion ser­vices of e.g. Pro­cure­ment man­age­ment, pur­chas­ing pro­cess con­sult­ing, tender ad­vice to the pre­par­a­tion of bills of quant­it­ies. In ad­di­tion, we also handle in­di­vidu­al com­plete pro­cure­ment pro­jects on be­half of cus­tom­ers or sup­port cus­tom­ers with sup­pli­er onboarding.

Tender service

The AI ​​In­sti­tute en­ables the elec­tron­ic hand­ling of cus­tom­er-spe­cif­ic pro­cure­ment pro­ced­ures, without the cus­tom­er hav­ing to com­mit to a soft­ware pro­vider or to com­mit him­self to a sys­tem for sev­er­al years.

Specification sheets

With its ex­perts, the AI ​​In­sti­tute pre­pares cus­tom­ized spe­cific­a­tion sheets for sup­plies and ser­vices of all kinds. This way, the cus­tom­er is provided with the ef­fort-in­tens­ive train­ing in product-spe­cif­ic fea­tures of a tender.


The AI ​​In­sti­tute pur­sues a stra­tegic ad­vis­ory ap­proach that takes in­to ac­count all stages of a call for tenders. We provide sup­port for pro­curers and com­pan­ies alike and also provide help with com­plex tasks.


The AI ​​In­sti­tute of­fers its cli­ents train­ing in pro­cure­ment man­age­ment based on the cur­rent le­gis­la­tion in pro­cure­ment law. This changes fre­quently and quickly.