The cre­ation of spe­cific­a­tion sheets is the key point of pub­lic pro­cure­ment. Here are the most mis­takes made, which may res­ult in that the cli­ent does not buy the ser­vice he really wants or needs. The AI ​​In­sti­tute helps you to cre­ate spe­cific­a­tion sheets ac­cord­ing to the best cri­ter­ia.

Specification sheet

The heart of a tender

This is where the AI ​​In­sti­tute comes in­to place. Our ex­per­i­enced con­sult­ants have an ex­pert­ise in cre­at­ing com­plex spe­cific­a­tion sheets for vari­ous pro­cure­ment items, such as hard­ware and soft­ware products, of­fice sup­plies, se­cur­ity, and oth­er sup­plies and ser­vices of all kinds.

Rating criteria

The most eco­nom­ic­al of­fer wins.

Just as im­port­ant as a clear de­scrip­tion of the items that shall be pro­cured is the defin­i­tion of sus­tain­able rat­ing cri­ter­ia in or­der to make all in­com­ing tenders com­par­able and to be able to de­term­ine the most eco­nom­ic­al of­fer at the end of the ten­der­ing pro­ced­ure. Again, you can rely on our ex­per­i­ence.