Tender service

The AI In­sti­tu­te en­ab­les the elec­tro­nic hand­ling of cus­to­mer-spe­ci­fic pro­cu­re­ment pro­ce­du­res, wi­thout the cus­to­mer ha­ving to com­mit to a soft­ware pro­vi­der or to com­mit hims­elf to a sys­tem for several ye­ars.

Specification sheets

With its ex­perts, the AI In­sti­tu­te pre­pa­res cus­to­mi­zed spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on she­ets for sup­plies and ser­vices of all kinds. This way, the cus­to­mer is pro­vi­ded with the ef­fort-in­ten­si­ve trai­ning in pro­duct-spe­ci­fic fea­tures of a ten­der.


The AI In­sti­tu­te pur­su­es a stra­te­gic ad­vi­so­ry ap­proach that ta­kes in­to ac­count all sta­ges of a call for ten­ders. We pro­vi­de sup­port for pro­cu­rers and com­pa­nies ali­ke and al­so pro­vi­de help with com­plex tasks.


The AI In­sti­tu­te of­fers its cli­ents trai­ning in pro­cu­re­ment ma­nage­ment ba­sed on the cur­rent le­gis­la­ti­on in pro­cu­re­ment law. This chan­ges fre­quent­ly and quick­ly.